Noreen – Testimonial

The main reason I went to see Des can be summed up in one word – FEAR. I was full of it and it seemed to be escalating rather than subsiding. Fear of remaining stuck in my life, unable to move forward and leave the past behind, fear of cutting links to a life that no longer existed. Fear of going into emotions which were raw and painful and allowing myself to feel them rather than just supressing them like I had been. Fear of being vulnerable and allowing someone to see me in that vulnerability. I was afraid of taking action into the unknown.

I cancelled my first appointment with Des. I had spent a half an hour trying to come up with a plausible and legit sounding excuse only to realise fear had taken its grip once more. I text Des back and reschedule the same appointment. From the outset Des had empathy and total understanding of the fear I was in.

Des has an innate ability to put a person at ease, he listens authentically, offers support and is in no way pushy or forceful. He created an atmosphere in which I felt completely safe, this provided me with the opportunity to delve deeper into my own makeup and psyche and the rewards for this were great. His presence is gentle, calming yet supportive and strong. I felt safe enough to let down my barriers, be honest with him and gently forge forward allowing me to learn a great deal about myself and why I sometimes act the way I do.

Being an outwardly positive person I learnt that I am inwardly negative towards myself, the main reason for this was due to the conditioned belief systems I grew up with and in. I had a lack of belief in myself and very low self-esteem. Des allowed me to gently break apart these systems and structures to reveal the reason why I was behaving in such a manner and allowed my true authentic self, to shine through.

This has been a huge break-through for me personally. I am now able to turn any fearful anxious state which normally would have escalated in my mind into something which has an element of adventure and therefore a much lighter and uplifting energy to it. This is way more beneficial to me and has greater rewards than living in a paralysed state of fear.

I am exceptionally grateful to Des for his support, wisdom and knowledge during a particularly trying period in my life and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending him for any personal coaching position. His skills and expertise has enhanced and impacted my life profoundly and for that I am extremely grateful to Des.