Carol – Testimonial

I gained very valuable perspectives on myself and an awareness of the underlying insecurities that influence my response to others. I learned how to recognise the triggers for harmful self criticism, and I discovered the difference between ‘not caring’ and ‘not worrying’… all of this has been extremely important in developing confidence in who I am which has influenced my dealings with others. This has had a positive impact in my personal and professional life.

Working with Dessie is like working with a very wise and trusted old friend. It was amazing how quickly he was able to help me get to the core truth of many kinds of stressful situations, and with that knowledge I was able to change my attitudes and responses. That was the key to turning a lot of situations around. I’m a work in progress, and thanks to Dessie, I now have sharper, more effective tools to work with.

I wish you the very best Dessie, I think you are a fantastic person and a very gifted coach.

Warmest regards,