Climbing Mountains

I firmly believed the challenges I faced at various times in my life were too big to overcome. Sustaining the spinal cord injury was one of those times. I felt lost, ashamed, angry and sad but I did my best to hide those feelings from those around me. My mind tricked me into thinking that sharing them was a sign of weakness. Burying them ‘under the carpet’ did nothing but amplify how bad I felt internally. It turned the mountain I had to climb into an infinite wall I would never overcome.

Thankfully I made the decision to be honest about what was going on for me and things started to shift. My mental and emotional well-being improved and my physical body started to heal as a result. The infinite wall I had to climb turned into a mountain that I wanted to climb.

Being honest about how we truly feel is not easy – especially in our society today. Social media encourages us to post about how perfect our lives are which can be stressful to put it mildly.

Sometimes doing what is difficult is extremely important!

If you have been holding onto feelings such as sadness, guilt, shame or anxiety, make the brave decision to share them with someone in order to let them go.

Your life is way too precious to waste even a second – be brave and express yourself.